What’s in a name

Starting a business is one, finding a suitable name for the business is something else. And then having people to learn and understand your name is again an unpaved road. An ideal name for a company would be the one where in one word you sort of know who it is and what they do, or at least have some aspects covered.

After playing a while with names, abbreviations and looking to who I am and what I do, I came to the conclusion that I wanted my complete name and my birthnames in the name and as well some keywords of the services I deliver.

So the given facts are:

Michael, Petrus, Leonardus (birth names)

Marcel  Thijssens  (name, surname)

Interconnecting Engineering Information   (keywords)

I started with the leading characters of each word being:  MPLMTIEI

Browsing the internet I found out that MPLMTIEI was available but the name itself was nothing to be proud of and then the real puzzling started, but I soon hit a brick wall with this info

Then something else came into my mind. What we do as Engineering Services is amongst others implementing Computer Aided Engineering software in IT-environments. So another given fact are the two keywords Implementation and IT.  These two can be mixed together as ImplemIT.
This already sounds a lot better than MPLMTIEI, but then is when it hit me:
If you fiddle a little with MPLMTIEI you come to ImplemIT.

THE most suitable name for me and the services we deliver