Historically, engineering is done by engineering firms. These firms use the knowledge of skilled engineers to be able to do the project. Being skilled in engineering does not automatically mean that you’re also skilled in automation. These engineers rely most of the time on applications like Excel to create the lists they need in their own way. Every engineer has his own way of working, thus introducing double work and failures due to duplicate data.

This is the point where ImplemIT steps in. The advantage ImplemIT has is the knowledge about engineering combined with the knowledge of IT-services. This combination makes ImplemIT a perfect partner for every engineering company. We are able to stream-line the engineering workflow and eliminate errors due to the use of duplicate data.

ImplemIT is an independant company, not related to any software company. This means that we can decide on the software that suits your needs in the best way.

Some of the services we provide:

Project management
INtools related services include:
Administration (on- and off-site)
Import / Merging
Customization of reports including complex wiring related reports
Customizaition and optimization of specification forms
Database services (Oracle, SQL server, MS Access etc.)
Drafting services (in the Netherlands)
Training (on site and off site)